Why do people love famous actors?

As everyone knows, the pages of magazines are cluttered with celebrities doing this and that which ordinary people do every single day and get absolutely no fame for. People care about this sort of thing and they buy the magazines, so they keep printing. But why do people care so much about the lives of famous actors?

Well, for one, they are famous. No doubt they are famous because they have played a major role in a blockbuster film and many people know them more buy the name of their character than the name they were born with. When you see somebody you recognize when their face is on the front of a newspaper or magazine, your first instinct is to pick it up and ask why. If you saw a friend’s face on an article, you would read it. This is the same logic a lot of people have concerning famous actorsand their lives off screen. The feel that since they have seen their faces, that they know them- therefore, they want to know what is going on in their lives, no matter how interesting it is or not.

Why do people love famous actors?

Why do people love famous actors?

Another reason people read about famous actors is because sometimes their lives are a lot more exciting than an ordinary person’s. They have fancy cars and infinite wealth and everyone knows their name- so many people wish that they could be in that position and never get the chance to. We tend to read about things that we want to do or want to be- people read fantasy stories and fiction for the same reasons. They want to find something to relate to- a human being- in a situation that they wish they could be in- fame, wealth, scandal etcetera.

So, if you like reading about famous actors, you’re in luck- they’re absolutely everywhere!

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